Table 1: Immune related, apoptosis-related and tissue destruction genes differentially expressed relative to uninfected cells in monocytes-derived macrophages (MDM), peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), and in a bovine macrophage cell line after stimulation with live bovine isolates of Map. Genes upregulated or downregulated in at least three of the studies are shown in bold.

Cell modelMap  
Map/cells ratioAssayTime p.i. (h)Upregulated genesDownregulated genes Reference

MDM1ATCC 1969810 : 1qRT-PCR6 hIL-10, GM-CSFIFN-γ, TNF-α [33]
24 hIL-10, GM-CSF
72 hIL-10, GM-CSF, and IL-8IL-12

MDMField strain
5 : 1qRT-PCR16 hIL-10, TNF-α [34]
24 hIL-10, TNF-α
48 hIL-10TNF-α
96 hIL-10TNF-α

MDMATCC 1969810 : 1Microarray16 hIL-6, TGF-β, TNFR, [35]
Thrombospondin-1, MIP-1β, and MMP-12MHC class II DQ-β

MDMATCC 1969810 : 1Microarray24 hIL-6, TGF-β[36]

PBMC2ATCC 1969810 : 1Microarray16 hIL-1, MMP1, MMP23, and MMP9[37]

MDMATCC 196985 : 1Microarray6 hIL-1β, IL-8, IL-1α, and BCL2A1TNFR, BAD[38]

MDM Field strain 2.1 Microarray2 hIL-10, IL-6, IL-1α, IL-1β, TNF, CXCL2, CCL20, CFB, CASP-1, CASP-4, CASP-8, CASP-6, BIRC-3, CFLAR, and CD40 [39]
6 hIL-1β, TNF, CXCL2, CCL4, CCL5, CCL20, CD40, CFB, CASP-1, CASP4, CASP8, CASP6, BIRC3, and CFLAR
24 hSAA3, CLEC4E, CLEC2D, CD40, and CFB

BoMac3K1010 : 1qRT-PCR4 hIFN-γ, IL-1α, BCL2-1, and TGF-β 1IL-6 [40]
14 hIL-6, BCL2-1
24 hIL-6, TGF-β 1, and TNFα-2MMP3-1, IL-1α, and BCL2-1

MDM: monocytes-derived macrophages; 2PBMC: peripheral blood mononuclear cells; 3BoMac: bovine macrophage cell line.