Table 3: Effects of infection on renal parameter levels at the time of hospital discharge when values at the time of admission to the hospital were used as covariates.

Shorter duration of inflammation
Longer duration of inflammation

sNGAL, ng/mL 0.155
uNGAL, ng/mL 0.022a
KIM-1, ng/mL0.169 (0.08–0.34)0.295 (0.182–0.479)0.198

Data are adjusted mean ± SD or geometrical mean (95% CI for the mean) for variables with skewed distribution. asignificant differences between groups in ANCOVA with adjustment for baseline values.
Shorter duration of inflammation—CRP level less than 10 mg/L at the time of hospital discharge, longer duration of inflammation—CRP level higher than 10 mg/L at the time of hospital discharge.