Figure 2: MAP2 expression in MTLE specimens with and without psychiatric comorbidities and in nonepileptic controls. MTLE granular layer (a) exhibited increased MAP2 expression when compared to control group (b). In the hilus, decreased expression can be seen in hyperthrophic hilar neurons (c) while in controls neurons exhibited an elongated profile and a defined dendritic mesh (d). We found that MAP2 immunoreactive (IR) area values (e) decreased in the hilus, CA4, CA3, CA1, and prosubiculum subfields of MTLE hippocampus and increased in MTLE granular layer and parasubiculum. Asterisks indicate significant statistical difference (double: , single: ) between epileptics and control group. Values from MTLE (black bars), MTLE + D (gray bars), MTLE + P (light gray bars), and from nonepileptic controls (white bars) are indicated as mean ± std. deviation. Bar (a–d): 50 μm.