Research Article

Recombinant nAG (a Salamander-Derived Protein) Decreases the Formation of Hypertrophic Scarring in the Rabbit Ear Model

Figure 3

Quantitative real-time PCR measuring relative mRNA expression level of collagen I, collagen III, and MMP-1 in nAG treated wounds and untreated wounds. Total RNA was reverse-transcribed and target genes expression was measured in multiplex, one-step RT-PCR by using TaqMan probes with FAM and HEX reporter dyes and BHQ1 quencher. Relative mRNA expression was related to the reference gene, GAPDH. The relative expression of collagen I was decreased by 95% ( ), collagen III expression was decreased by 48% ( ), and MMP-1 expression was increased by 27% ( ) in nAG treated wounds compared to untreated wounds.