Research Article

Entamoeba histolytica and E. dispar Calreticulin: Inhibition of Classical Complement Pathway and Differences in the Level of Expression in Amoebic Liver Abscess

Figure 8

Immunohistochemical staining of EhCRT or EdCRT and C1q in situ. Representative images of immunohistochemical detection of CRT and C1q in amoebic liver abscess sections of livers from hamsters inoculated with E. histolytica HM1:IMSS virulent trophozoites and E. dispar SAW760 trophozoites and sacrificed at different times after inoculation for 30 min (a, b) and 3 h (c, d) (representative times). (a and c) Tissue section stained with mouse IgG against EhCRT and (b and d) section stained with mouse IgG against C1q. Scale bar represents 20  m. The control assays of negative and secondary antibody were unstained; they are included as Supplementary Material.