Table 3: List of EO bearing plants studied for anticancer potential in in vivo models and major observations reported.

EO bearing plantsIn vivo models studiedMajor findings/mechanism(s) reportedReference

PomegranateSkin tumour in CD1 MiceChemopreventive effect[84]

Cymbopogon  citrates STAPFFemale Balb/C miceAnticarcinogenic activity[169]

Croton  regelianus Sarcoma 180 murine modelAntitumour activity[145]

Salvia  libanotica MiceChemoprevention against skin papillomas[83]

Xylopia  frutescens Sarcoma 180 ascites tumour cells injected in miceTumour growth inhibition[120]

Thymus  broussonetii DBA-2/P815 (H2d) mouse modelTumour reduction by injection of the EO[96]

Plectranthus  amboinicus B16F-10 melanoma cell line injected C57BL/6 micePrevention of lung metastasis[170]

Lippia  gracilis Sarcoma 180 bearing miceTumour growth inhibition[22]

Guatteria  pogonopus Sarcoma 180 tumour bearing Swiss miceTumour inhibition[126]

NeemRIII/Sa female miceTumour reduction[160]

Curcuma  zedoaria MiceAngiogenesis inhibition[171]

-Pinene from Schinus  terebinthifolius RaddiC57Bl/6 mice with B16F10-Nex2 induced melanomaAntimetastasis[77]