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High-Throughput Analysis of Ovarian Granulosa Cell Transcriptome

Table 1

Granulosa cell gene expression profiling in non-human species ( and denote up- and downregulated genes, resp.).

SpeciesType of cellQuantity of material analysedKind of assayGene profiles/outcomeReference

MousePreovulatory granulosa cells from wild-type and ER -null miceCaptured cells from 2-3 animals of the same genotype were pooled, with at least 3 pools collected per cell typeAffymetrix Mouse Genome 430 2.0 GeneChip arraysTigd3, Ak7, Arnt2, Nid2, Eya4, Mbl2, Ooep, Ptgis, Oog1, Pou5f1, Trim61, and  Tmem182↑ in PMSG primed ERβ-null mice granulosa cells versus PMSG primed wild-type mice granulosa cells.  Epha5, Ank1, Me2, Reln, Cbs, Cdh2, Ces1d, Mpp7, an  Susd4 in PMSG primed ERβ-null mice granulosa cells versus PMSG primed wild-type mice granulosa cells Binder et al., 2013 [11]

MouseCCs from noncompetent antral oocytesTotal 638 COCsIlllumina Sentrix arraysHas2, Ptx3,  Tnfaip6, and Ptgs2  Amh↑
in noncompetent versus competent oocytes
Vigone et al., 2013 [12]
CCs from competent antral oocytesTotal 1769 COCs

RatMural granulosa cells from
normal developmental competence oocyte-collected follicles (NDC)
4 samples Affymetrix GeneChip arrays Rat 230.2.Lox, Ngfrap1Ggbt2
in NDC versus PDC
Jiang et al., 2010 [13]
Mural granulosa cells from
poor developmental competence oocyte-collected follicles (PDC)
4 samples

PigSmall, medium, and
large antral follicles
Pooled granulosa cells from follicles of three different size classes. Four samples from small follicles, five samples from medium and large folliclesMicroarrayHadhb, Psmc2, Gsta1, Ctsl, Hspa8, Mgst1, Erp29, Gart, Cyb5, and   Cct1↑ in large follicles versus small and medium follicles 
Gsto1, Pkm2, Tuba1b, Calu,  Cfl1,  Dag1, Tubb5, Eef1a, and Rps17↑  in small follicles versus medium and large follicles
Bonnet et al., 2008 [10]

BovineCumulus cells from adult and prepubertal
Pools of cumulus cells ( ) collected from adult and prepubertal animalsBovine cDNA array (Gene Expression Omnibus platform GPL325)Ctsb, Ctss, and  Ctsz↑ 
in cumulus cells collected from oocytes with low developmental competence versus those collected from oocytes with high developmental competence
Bettegowda et al., 2008 [14]

BovineCOCs from 3 to 8 mm follicles4 samplesHomemade microarray performed using the VersArray ChipWriter ProHas2, InhbA, Egfr, Grem1, Btc, CD44, Tnfaip6, and  Ptgs2, markers of oocyte competence, expressed in CCsAssidi et al., 2008 [15]