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Relating Education, Brain Structure, and Cognition: The Role of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

Table 3

Bivariate associations between education, cardiovascular risk factors, regional brain volumes, and cognitive test performance.

Cognitive Tests
risk factors

 Grey matter
  Region 10.516***0.424***−0.1080.173*0.0950.0930.267**0.175*0.188*0.151−0.183*−0.0510.085
 White matter
  Region 20.437***−0.235**0.1530.086−0.0120.0950.1120.1480.105−0.157−0.0620.067
FemaleNo correlations between regional volumes, education, and cognition were performed in women

GM: grey matter regional volumes, WM: white matter regional volumes, CVD risk factors: cardiovascular disease risk factors, IR: California Verbal Learning test for immediate recall, DR: California verbal learning test for delayed recall, DB: digit span backwards from the Wechsler Memory Scale, SDMT: Symbol-Digit Modalities Test, STW: Spot the Word Test, COWAT-A: Controlled Oral Word Association Test for A-words, COWAT-F: Controlled Oral Word Association Test for F-words, TMT-A: Trail Making Test Part A, TMT-B: Trail Making Test Part B, and BNT: Boston Naming Test.
; ; ; —: no effect to report.