Research Article

Soybean Seeds: A Practical Host for the Production of Functional Subunit Vaccines

Figure 3

Quantification of soy-mSEB. (a) Known amounts of total seed protein (ST108, T3 generation) and various known amounts of purified E. coli-derived mSEB protein (standards) were separated under nonreducing SDS-PAGE and subjected to Western analysis. (b) A standard curve generated from the five known standards following densitometric analysis of the film shown in (a). (c) Chart showing theoretical number of vaccine doses present within a single transgenic soybean seed and in a 1 liter volume of crushed soybean powder. Calculations assume 200 soybeans per plant, 160 mg average seed weight, 40% seed protein content, 1.2% mSEB expression, and a 10  g human vaccine dose, which is similar to the dose recommended for recombinant hepatitis B surface antigen immunizations [18]. The calculations above do not account for any losses during the purification procedures.