Research Article

Soybean Seeds: A Practical Host for the Production of Functional Subunit Vaccines

Figure 7

Immunogenicity of SEB proteins. ELISAs were used to determine relative immunogenicities of purified native SEB (nSEB), E. coli-derived recombinant mutant SEB (rmSEB), and soy-derived mutant SEB (smSEB) proteins. Cholera toxin (CT) was included as a negative control. 100 ng purified protein was coated in each well. All assays were performed in quadruplicate. (a) ELISA results using an in-house rabbit anti-mSEB polyclonal detection antibody. (b) ELISA results using a commercial sheep anti-SEB polyclonal detection antibody (Abcam number ab15925). (c) ELISA results using a commercial mouse anti-SEB monoclonal detection antibody (Abcam number ab6064). Values shown represent average absorbance values (405 nm). Error bars represent standard deviation.