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EZH2 Silencing with RNA Interference Induces G2/M Arrest in Human Lung Cancer Cells In Vitro

Figure 3

Effect of EZH2-siRNA on cell cycle progression via the p53 and p21 pathway. (a) The effects of p53-siRNA on the expression of downstream molecular were observed by western blotting. (b) p53 and p21 expression was detected after pifithrin- application. (c) and (d) Cdc2 and cyclin B1 expression were detected with western blotting after incubation with a p53 inhibitor (pifithrin- ) (c) or p21 inhibitor (adaphostin) (d) in the presence of EZH2-siRNA. (e) The changes in cell cycle progression were observed with FACS analysis after incubation with the p53 or p21 inhibitor in the presence of EZH2-siRNA. Each experiment was performed in triplicate.