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Evaluation of Novel Tools to Facilitate the Detection and Characterization of Leprosy Patients in China

Figure 1

Antibody responses of leprosy patients. Sera from leprosy patients ( and ), healthy household contacts of confirmed patients (), pulmonary tuberculosis patients (), and uninfected controls () were assessed. Responses were measured by ELISA against (a) LID-1, ND-O-BSA, and NDO-LID. Results from each individual serum sample were normalized against the mean OD obtained from EC to allow presentation as signal : noise and are distinguished by an individual marker. The dashed horizontal line represents the threshold for positive results (2 × mean EC). Within the PB classification, BT and TT patients were positive for LID-1; BT and TT patients were positive for NDO-LID; and BT and TT patient were positive for NDO-BSA. In (b) NDO-LID tests were developed and scored by visual interpretation. Results for each group are summarized into scoring category, and the percentage of samples that were unambiguously positive (≥+) is listed to the right. Within the PB classification, BT and TT patients were positive.