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Emerging Rapid Resistance Testing Methods for Clinical Microbiology Laboratories and Their Potential Impact on Patient Management

Table 3

DNA-FISH-probes detecting clarithromycin resistance in thermotolerant Campylobacter spp., Haas et al., 2008 [103]. Of note, probe C wt 23S is identical with probe ClaWT, probe C res 23S 2059A>G with probe ClaR2 (Table 1).

TargetProbeProbe sequence

Wild typeC wt 23S5′-CGG-GGT-CTT-TCC-GTC-TT-3′
Clarithromycin resistance mutation (A2059G)C res 23S 2059A>G5′-CGG-GGT-CTC-TCC-GTC-TT-3′