Research Article

Methylation-Associated Gene Silencing of RARB in Areca Carcinogens Induced Mouse Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Figure 3

Methylation status of RARB gene in mouse OSCC model. (a) The CpG island diagram of RARB gene. The hybridized probe used to microarray located from exon one to exon three. We designed the MS-PCR primer sets located within this region. (b) The designed MS-PCR analysis results in 4-NQO and 4-NQO/arecoline at 18, 20, 26, and 28 weeks, respectively. The RARB gene showed hypermethylation (60%) in 4-NQO/arecoline at 28 week. M: methylated set, U: unmethylated set, B: blood DNA for methylation negative control, S: SssI treated DNA for methylation positive control, and %methylation: the percentages of methylation. The red inverted triangle showed that the methylated RARB gene could be amplified.