Research Article

Lentiviral Protein Transduction with Genome-Modifying HIV-1 Integrase-I-PpoI Fusion Proteins: Studies on Specificity and Cytotoxicity

Figure 3

The effects of IN-I-PpoI and IN-I-PpoIH78A protein transduction on the viability of HeLa and MRC-5 cells. Cells were transduced with 2 or 10 ng of p24 per well, and their viability was followed for three days. Significant negative deviations from untreated cells (drop in viability) are shown with black asterisks and significant differences between the cell lines at day three with gray asterisks (one-way ANOVA followed by Dunnett’s multiple comparison test). ; to ; to .
(a) LVV-wt IN
(b) LVV-IN-I-PpoI
(c) LVV-IN-I-PpoIH78A
(d) LVV-wtIN + IN-I-PpoIH78A
(e) LVV-IND64V + IN-I-PpoIH78A