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Review Article

Platelet-Rich Plasma in Bone Regeneration: Engineering the Delivery for Improved Clinical Efficacy

Table 3

Summary of studies which used PRP in its inactive form.

AuthorsStudyPlatelet concentrationResults

Nikolidakis et al. (2006) [27], Nikolidakis et al. (2008) [28]CaP + Ti implants8–12 × 105/ L Significantly increased bone contact percentage with Ti + PRP (liquid) implants
Significantly higher endosteal bone formation length in CaP + PRP (gel) coated implants
Yun et al. (2013) [31]HA + BMMSCs + Ti implantsAdjusted to 1 × 106/ LNo significance found
Chang et al. (2009) [32]HA/collagen type I bone graft formation9.25–12.5 × 105/ L Significant bone tissue in HA/collagen + PRP (liquid injection)
Han et al. (2009) [33]DBM + active versus inactive PRP8x over baseline*PRP (liquid) significantly increased osteoconductivity of DBM

Note (*) that the study by Han et al. [33] did not give exact platelet counts.