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Receptors of Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian-Axis Hormone in Uterine Myomas

Table 1

Quantitative evaluation of receptors expression by immunohistochemical staining in myometrium and myomas of reproductive and perimenopausal age women.

ReceptorReproductive agePerimenopausal age
Control groupSmall myomasLarge myomasControl groupSmall myomasLarge myomas


The staining intensity was measured as described in methods. Data show an average optical density ± SD (see Section 2). Statistical significance was defined as a .
aControl groups; bcontrol group and any type of myoma for women in reproductive age; csmall and large myomas in reproductive age women; dcontrol group and any type of myoma for women in perimenopausal age; esmall and large myomas in perimenopausal age women; fsmall myomas in both age groups; glarge myomas in both age groups.