Figure 3: LV contractility, infarct transmurality, and infarct ratios. (a) LV contractility. Mild-to-moderate hypokinesia noted in segments 2–5 in both groups with no significant differences in intragroup comparisons between day 2 and day 5 and intergroup comparison between two groups. Note the tendency of progressive deterioration in LV contractility in segments 3 and 4 on day 21 compared to those on day 2 and day 5 in controls ( to 0.045), whereas no significant differences in LV contractility noted in all segments between day 2, day 5, and day 21 in tac-treated minipigs. However, significantly better contractility demonstrated in segments 3–5 in the tac-treated group compared to the control group on day 21 († all ). (b) Infarct transmurality. On postoperative day 2 in both groups, 40–75% transmural infarction noted in segments 2–4 without significant differences between two groups. The control group showed a tendency of progression of infarct transmurality in segments 2–4 ( to 0.045), whereas the tac-treated group show a tendency of decline in infarct transmurality ( to 0.045) from day 2 to day 21. Compared with controls, tac-treated minipigs already showed a tendency of lower infarct transmurality in segments 3-4 on day 5 ( to 0.045) and by day 21, significantly lower infarct transmurality was noted in segment 2–4 ( all ). (c) Infarct ratio. The control group showed significantly higher day 21/day 2 than day 5/day 2 infarct ratio (IR) ( ), whereas the tac-treated group showed significant decline in infarct ratio ( ). Compared with the tac-treated group, the day 5/day 2 and day 21/day 2 IR were significantly higher in the control group ( ).