Table 1: Scoring system for the evaluation of the quality of meniscal repair tissue.


Defect fillingNo fill<25%25–75%>75%

SurfaceNo surfacerupturedFissured/fibrillatedMeniscus-like

IntegrationNo integrationPartial, unilateral integrationBilateral partial or unilateral complete integrationBilateral complete integration

CellularityNo cells>10 cell clusters/slideNo cell cluster/slide, cell-ECM-ratio >0,5Meniscus-like cell-ECM-ratio

Cell morphologyNo cells<25% meniscus-like cells25–75% meniscus-like cells>75% meniscus-like cells

Content of proteoglycanNo staining for proteoglycan<25%25–75%>75%

Content of collagen IINo staining for collagen II<25%25–75%>75%

StabilityNo stabilityWeakStable in shapeStable to pressure and pulling stress

ECM: extracellular matrix.