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C-Terminal Domain Swapping of SSB Changes the Size of the ssDNA Binding Site

Figure 10

Structure modeling of SSB. The structures of KpSSB1–115, StSSB1–115, and PaSSB1–115 (the N-terminal domain of SSB) were modeled by SWISS-MODEL. The structures of KpSSB116–142, StSSB116–142, and PaSSB121–160 (the C-terminal domain of SSB) were modeled by . Other regions of SSBs could not be modeled by these two programs. The structures of the N-terminal domain and the C-terminal domain of these SSBs were manually linked (KpSSB1–142, blue; StSSB1–142, pink; PaSSB1–160, green) and superimposed with the crystal structure of EcSSB1–142 (orange) (PDB entry: 1QVC) for comparison. For clarity, only one subunit of the tetramer was shown for each SSB.