Table 3: Summary of previously published studies that used various techniques of IUD therapy and ancillary treatment in patients with intrauterine adhesions.

Source, year Type of IUDDuration of IUD usedHormone therapyFoley
Hyaluronic acid Amnion graft

Caspi and Perpinial, 1975 [30]Lippes loop3 cyclesYesNo No No
March and Israel, 1976 [31] Lippes loop2 monthsYesYes NoNo
March and Israel, 1981 [37]Lippes loop2 monthsYesYes NoNo
Ismajovich et al., 1985 [43]NR3 monthsNoNo No No
Fedele et al., 1986 [40] NR3 monthsYesNoNo No
Valle and Sciarra, 1988 [8]NR3 monthsYesNoNoNo
Bellingham, 1996 [42] Copper3 monthsYesNoNoNo
Roge et al., 1997 [9] NR3 monthsYesYes No No
Chen et al., 1997 [18]Multiload Cu 3752 weeksYesNo No No
Feng et al., 1999 [13]Multiload Cu 3753 monthsYesNoNoNo
Ozumba and Ezegwui, 2002 [32] Lippes loop3 cycles YesNoNoNo
Orhue et al., 2003 [19] Lippes loop3 cyclesYesYesNo No
Alborzi et al., 2003 [11]NR1 monthYesNoNoNo
Zikopoulos et al., 2004 [16] Multiload Cu 3751 monthYesNoNoNo
Efetie, 2006 [12] Lippes loop3 monthsYesNoNoNo
Shokeir et al., 2008 [41]NR3 monthsYesNoNo No
Yasmin et al., 2007 [33] Lippes loop3 cyclesYesYes No No
Yu et al., 2008 [7]Cu T3 monthsYesNo NoNo
Pabuccu et al., 2008 [28]Lippes loop2 monthsYesNoNoNo
Roy et al., 2010 [29]Cu T30 daysYesNoNoNo
Salma et al., 2011 [34]Uterine-shaped1 monthYesYes YesNo
Myers and Hurst, 2012 [35]Copper4–10 weeksYesYesNoNo
Mohamed et al., 2012 [39] Copper T 380A1–3 monthsYesYes No Yes
Yamamoto and Takeuchi, 2013 [36]NR2 cyclesYesNoNoNo
Lin et al., 2013 [27]Copper coil2 monthsYesYesYesNo
Şendağ et al., 2013 [38]Cu T1–3 monthsYesYesNoNo

NR = not reported. IUD = intrauterine device. “Yes” = studies that used IUD. “No” = studies that did not use IUD.