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Recombinant Lysostaphin Protects Mice from Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Pneumonia

Figure 4

MRSA-infected animals treated with PBS, VAN, high-concentration rLys, or low-concentration rLys. (a) Weight loss in MRSA-infected animals. Mice were weighed 96 h after infection. The mouse bodyweight loss is represented as mean (±SD) of original bodyweight lost ( , Student’s -test). (b) Intrarectal temperature was monitored at different time points and the change in temperature between 0 and 96 h (or death) is plotted. (c) Increase in lung weight, represented by the mean (±SD) of original lung weight increase ( , Student’s -test). (d) Viable bacterial counts (log10 CFU/lung) in the lung homogenates of MRSA-infected mice killed at different time intervals after treatment. Values are expressed as means (±SD) of the original data, . Statistical significance was determined by one-way analysis of variance with the Bonferroni test ( , ).