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Simple Method for Evaluation of Planum Temporale Pyramidal Neurons Shrinkage in Postmortem Tissue of Alzheimer Disease Patients

Figure 2

Shape of selected pyramidal neurons of the PT cortical layer III from STG, HG, I, and SR subregions. (a) Base of the arrow represents the starting and tip of the arrow represents the terminating point of the length of the cell body measurement. Tip of the arrow is pointing to the apical dendrite. Only neurons having at the same time visible apical dendrite, both basilary dendrites emerging from the cell body and full contour of the cytoplasm membrane with nucleus inside, were selected into measurement. The ratio of the size of cell, basilary dendrites, and apical dendrite is only for illustration in this picture. (b) Typical pyramidal neuron selected for measurement (in the middle), Nissl stained section, 30 μm thickness, magnification 400x.