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Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomic Analysis of Salivary Glands of Urban Malaria Vector Anopheles stephensi

Table 2

A catalogue of novel proteins identified by using in-gel digestion strategy and LC/MS/MS using MASCOT algorithm.

S. numberAccession numberProteinBand numberMol. weightPeptidesCalculated pISequence coverageDomain/function

1gi: 94468834FOF1-type ATP synthase beta subunit (similar to Aedes aegypti) 553937165.0322%Nucleotide-binding domain
2gi: 170059752Histone H4 (similar to Culex quinquefasciatus)1611374211.3621%Nucleosome assembly
3gi: 118784826AGAP005078-PA (similar to Anopheles gambiae str. PEST) 1613032211.1613%No conserved domain
4gi: 347963754AGAP000403-PA (similar to Anopheles gambiae str. PEST)1519831110.376%Nucleotide binding
5gi: 356578763Copper/zinc superoxide dismutase 3B (similar to An. aquasalis)161564615.946%Ion binding
6gi: 118782571AGAP002575-PA (similar to Anopheles gambiae str. PEST)142761915.033%Leucine rich repeats
7gi: 129716442Rps7 (fragment) OS similar to Anopheles funestus 161537419.853%Translation
8gi: 122116875 Molybdenum cofactor sulfurase 2 (similar to Aedes aegypti) 28561526.763%Pyridoxal phosphate- (PLP-) dependent enzymes
9gi: 158285167AGAP007706-PA (kinesin-like protein) 19919139.22%ATP activity
10gi: 158299522Tetraspanin protein (similar to Anopheles gambiae str. PEST)132907518.962%No conserved domain
11gi: 58391886AGAP009833-PA (similar to Anopheles gambiae str. PEST) 133074028.642%Porin
12gi: 170037149Apoptosis inhibitor (similar to Culex quinquefasciatus)46123326.461%No conserved domain