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N-acetyl-seryl-aspartyl-lysyl-proline Inhibits Diabetes-Associated Kidney Fibrosis and Endothelial-Mesenchymal Transition

Figure 5

AcSDKP inhibits EndMT in vitro. HMVEC were exposed to a combination of cytokines (TGF- 2 at 2.5 ng/mL, IL-1 at 4 ng/mL, and TNF-α at 2 ng/mL) in the presence or absence of AcSDKP (100 nM) for 72 h. ((a)–(c)) Immunofluorescent microscopic analysis. The original magnification of the images was 200x. Merged images with DAPI-stained nuclei are shown. (d) Western blot analysis of the EndMT. HMVEC were stimulated with the triple cytokine mixture in the presence or absence of AcSDKP for 72 h. The cells were harvested, and the proteins were immunoblotted onto PVDF membranes. Chemiluminescence-detected bands were visualized. in each group. GAPDH was used as the loading control.