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Aptamers as Both Drugs and Drug-Carriers

Figure 4

Binding modes of ME and SELEX thrombin aptamer are presented here (taken with due permission from [11]). The tertiary structure of the ME aptamer that binds to thrombin protein is shown in purple, and its binding location at 1 ns of the simulation was generated using visual molecular dynamics [8]. The structure of the SELEX aptamer colored by yellow and binding location at 1 ns of the simulation are shown for comparison. Both form nonbonded interactions with Arg70 and Arg73. The TGA and TGT loop from the ME and SELEX aptamers and residues Arg70 and Arg73 are shown in orange. The properties of residues in thrombin are color labeled. The acid residues are shown in red. The polar and nonpolar residues are shown in green and white, respectively. The remaining residues are represented in blue.