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The Clinicopathological Significance of MicroRNA-155 in Breast Cancer: A Meta-Analysis

Table 1

Characteristics of studies included in this meta-analysis.

ReferenceYear Origin Sample size (case/control)Quantitative method Language

Chen et al. [15]2012 ChinaTissue 92/92qRT-PCREnglish
Fu and Zhang [16]2011 ChinaTissue 38/38 qRT-PCRChinese
Hafez et al. [17]2012 EgyptTissue 40/40qRT-PCREnglish
Han et al. [18]2013 ChinaSerum 45/22qRT-PCRChinese
Heneghan et al. [19] 2010 IrelandBlood 83/63qRT-PCREnglish
Huang et al. [20]2013 ChinaPlasma 55/30qRT-PCRChinese
Iorio et al. [21] 2005 ItalyTissue 76/6microarray English
Lu et al. [22]2012 ChinaTissue 67/67qRT-PCREnglish
Ouyang et al. [23] 2014 ChinaTissue 3/3microarrayEnglish
Mar-Aguilar et al. [24] 2013 MexicoSerum 61/10qRT-PCREnglish
Shao et al. [25]2013 ChinaSerum 165/120qRT-PCRChinese
Sun et al. [26]2012 ChinaSerum 103/55qRT-PCREnglish
Wang et al. [27]2010 ChinaTissue 58/58qRT-PCREnglish
Wang and Zhang [28]2011 ChinaSerum 20/10qRT-PCRChinese
Zheng et al. [29]2012 ChinaTissue 45/45qRT-PCRChinese