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Differential Expression of Immunogenic Proteins on Virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clinical Isolates

Figure 3

Antibodies against Rv2241, Rv0009, Rv0407, and Rv2624c recombinant proteins in drug-sensitive and MDR-TB patients’ sera. ELISA plates were coated with recombinant proteins, loaded with 1/500 serum dilutions, and reveled with HRP conjugated anti-human polyvalent IgM/A/G. (a) 1D scatter plots indicating serological results of No-TB (No TB, ), drug-sensitive TB (S TB, ), and multi-drug-resistant TB (MDR TB, ) patients’ sera. Threshold, defined by maximum likelihood ratio (ROC analysis), was shaded in gray. Seropositive samples for each protein were color highlighted (Rv2241 red, Rv0009 purple, Rv0407 blue, and Rv2624c green). (b) ROC analysis indicating area under curve 95% CI. (c) Correlation analysis between signals (mean SEM) of positive samples versus immune-informatics predicted epitope density (median range) for each recombinant protein.