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Differential Expression of Immunogenic Proteins on Virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clinical Isolates

Figure 5

Characterization of anti-Rv2241, Rv0009, Rv0407, and Rv2624c antibodies from seropositive patients. (a) Isotype characterization of anti-Rv2241, Rv0009, Rv0407, and Rv2624c binding Abs was performed by FACS analysis using latex bead as Ag adsorbing solid support. For data normalization, MFI values of seropositive TB patients ( repeated sample/MDR11.2) were divided by MFI values of a No-TB patient (No TB1). Matrix of values was represented as heat-map. (b) Mtb-cell surface recognition by anti-Rv2241, Rv0009, Rv0407, and Rv2624c Abs was evaluated by preadsorbing seropositive ( ) samples with -irradiated whole LAM10406 and H12425 Mtb cells or with HSA-Latex Beads (negative binding control) before incubation step of ELISA assay. Results were presented as ratio between Mtb preadsorbed over mock preadsorbed OD data. Range of unspecific/experimental variation (gray shaded areas) was estimated by ratio between replicates. For comparison, binding inhibition to ManLAM was performed in parallel using selected ManLAM-seropositive samples ( ).