Table 2: CHAQ scores and CPET results of the patients before and after an 8-week exercise program.

Before ( )After ( )P value

CHAQ score 0.001
Rest HR, bpm 0.002
Rest SBP, mmHg 0.002
Rest DBP, mmHg N.S.
Rest VE, L/min N.S.
HRAT, bpm N.S.
VO2AT, mL/kg/min 0.003
Max HR, bpm 0.001
% Predicted HR 0.001
Max SBP, mmHg N.S.
Max DBP, mmHg N.S.
VO2peak, mL/kg/min 0.001
% Predicted VO2 0.017
VEpeak, L/min 0.001
RER 0.002
Exercise time, min 0.001

Abbreviations: HR: heart rate; VE: minute ventilation; AT: anaerobic threshold; Max: maximal; RER: respiratory exchange ratio; SBP: systolic blood pressure; DBP: diastolic blood pressure; NS: not significant.