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Alterations of the Myovesical Plexus of the Human Overactive Detrusor

Figure 4

N-Cadherin positive strings at the border of detrusor bundles in overactive detrusor. N-Cadherin (green) double labeled with PGP9.5 (red) and counterstained with Dapi (blue). (a) Two fascicles are almost entirely surrounded by planes of N-cadherin cells (arrows). A large nerve trunk (arrowhead in (a) and (b)) is found in the perifascicular connective tissue. However, note lack of PGP9.5 expression in the upper fascicle. Instead, this fascicle shows a relatively high expression of N-cadherin (asterisk in (a) and (b)). Note green background signal in smooth muscle cells that was upgraded to facilitate tissue orientation. Magnification X100. (b) Magnification of white rectangle in (a). Slender strings consisting of numerous N-cadherin+ cells (arrow) are accompanied by multiple N-cadherin+ cells (#) in their connective tissue coat. Magnification X400. Binocular epifluorescent microscopy.