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Alterations of the Myovesical Plexus of the Human Overactive Detrusor

Figure 6

Intrafascicular N-cadherin positive nodes in the overactive detrusor. N-Cadherin (green) double labeled with PGP9.5 (red) and counterstained with Dapi (blue). Note green background signal in smooth muscle cells that was upgraded to facilitate tissue orientation. Detrusor smooth muscle fascicles (Det) are demarcated by the dotted orange line. (a) At the region where interfascicular connective planes meet, N-cadherin+ cells seem to accumulate and form interfascicular nodes (#). Note high level of intrafascicular N-cadherin in combination with low level of PGP9.5 expression (arrow). Filamentous shaped autofluorescent signal embody collagenous fibres. (b) A small group of muscle cells (asterisk) seems to be separated from the main fascicle by a penetrating N-cadherin positive structure (arrow). Magnification X400. Binocular epifluorescent microscopy.