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Angiogenin Expression during Early Human Placental Development; Association with Blood Vessel Formation

Figure 8

Immunolocalization of angiogenin in chorionic villi showing vascular cell aggregates. Frozen cross-sections of human chorionic villi at week 8 were reacted with a mix of two primary antibodies. The bound antibodies were detected with fluorescent secondary antibodies. The anti-angiogenin antibody was either polyclonal (a, b, e, f, and pANG in red) or monoclonal (c, d, and mANG in green). Angiogenin colabelling with CD31 (a, in green), vWF (b, in green), Tie2 (c, in red), Epo-R (d, in red), and α-smooth muscle actin (e, sma, in green), respectively, stained vascular cell aggregates. Arrowheads point to tiny cytoplasmic processes in close vicinity with the trophoblast layer connected with vascular cell aggregates (a, b). Angiogenin immunoreactivity was also detected in the trophoblastic layer, in cytotrophoblasts (also labelled for EpoR (d, in red)) and in single cells close to CD45-positive cells (f, in green, arrowhead). Nuclei were counterstained with Dapi, in blue. Bar, 20 μm. IS: intervillous space and TB: trophoblast.