Figure 3: Predicted (adjusted for covariates) readmission rates by the primary diagnosis and HbA1c measurement. Readmission rates were predicted on the reference values of other predictors and the mean value of time in hospital (Table 3). The error bars represent the 95% confidence intervals for the predicted values. The following abbreviations are used for particular icd9 codes: “circulatory” for icd9: 390–459, 785, “digestive” for icd9: 520–579, 787, “genitourinary” for icd9: 580–629, 788, “diabetes” for icd9: 250.xx, “injury” for icd9: 800–999, “musculoskeletal” for icd9: 710–739, “neoplasms” for icd9: 140–239, “respiratory’’ for icd9: 460–519, 786, and “other” for otherwise.