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Preclinical and Clinical Effects of Mistletoe against Breast Cancer

Table 2

Summary of the clinical trials on efficacy of mistletoe therapy in breast cancer patients.

Product testedStudy designNo. of patientsMain findingReference

Iscador M, Iscador Q, and Iscador PProspective nonrandomized and randomized matched-pair trial91 pairsPatients’ self-regulation was enhanced[91]
Abnoba-Viscum (r)Retrolective cohort study689HRQoL was improved[92]
Lectin-standardized mistletoe extract (sME)Cohort study1248HRQoL was improved, relapse free interval was prolonged[93]
Viscum album L., Iscador Comparative, randomized cohort study1442Side effects caused by chemotherapy were reduced. Survival was improved[68]
Helixor ARandomized multicentric trial68Side effects of chemotherapy were alleviated[69]
Standardized mistletoe extract PS76A2 (Lektinol)Randomized and double blind trial 272HRQoL was positively affected[94]
Standardized mistletoe extract PS76A2 (Lektinol)Randomized, double blind trial352Survival time was prolonged during and after chemotherapy[70]
Helixor ADouble blind controlled trial23No difference in HRQoL was observed in both placebo and Helixor A treated groups[95]
Iscador Controlled Randomized and nonrandomized122 pairsSurvival time was significantly enhanced[96]
Helixor Comparative epidemiological cohort study741HRQoL was improved; side effects of chemotherapy were reduced[71]
Iscador M spezialRandomized controlled trials 65No effect on HRQOL was observed; adverse reaction to chemotherapy was reduced[72]
Iscador M spezialProspective open 2-armed nonrandomized trial33Lower incidence of nausea was observed; HRQoL was improved[97]
Iscador M spezial Randomized open label trial95Better HRQoL was developed, trend toward neutropenia reduction was observed[73]
Iscador MCase study1Dose-dependent benefits were obtained in decreasing fatigue[98]
Abnoba-Viscum MaliA noninterventional and prospective trial270Adverse reactions to chemotherapy were reduced. HRQoL was improved[74]
Iscador M spezialRandomized clinical trial95HRQoL was improved[99]
Iscador P, Qut, and MMulticenter, controlled, and retrolective3376Tumor related symptoms decreased significantly and overall survival was prolonged[100]
Isorel, Iscador Qu, M or P, abnoba-Viscum  Qu or A Multi cancer cohort study4HRQoL was improved[101]
Iscador M spezialNoninterventional follow up trial57HRQoL was enhanced; neutropenia was prevented[75]
Helixor Aprospective randomized open-label95HRQoL improved significantly[102]