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Review Article

Preclinical and Clinical Effects of Mistletoe against Breast Cancer

Table 3

A list of systematic and meta-analysis reviews including controlled randomized, nonrandomized, and matched pair clinical trials on different aspects of HRQoL in breast cancers patients.

Main focusMain findingsReference

Effect of mistletoe therapy in reduction of chemotherapy adverse reactionHRQoL improved in breast cancer patients[76]
Evaluate efficacy of mistletoe on cancerChemotherapy side effects were reduced and HROoL was improved[77]
Analyze safety and effectiveness of mistletoe in cancer patients Weak evidence of positive effect on survival of cancer patients was observed; some evidence on the improvement of HRQoL in breast cancer patients was found[78]
Evaluate the Influence of complementary mistletoe treatment on HRQoL and survival of breast cancer patientsIscador therapy in addition to chemotherapy might prolong survival and HRQoL[79]
Effectiveness of mistletoe on cancer patients with respect to HRQoL associated measuresMost of the studies showed improved HRQoL; four studies showed no differences[81]
Investigate effectiveness of mistletoe on cancer Most of the trials exhibited beneficial effects; three showed no effect; one indicated negative effect[82]
Determine impact ofIscador on survival rates of cancer patientsSurvival rates were enhanced[83]
Analyze preclinical and clinical trials on effectiveness of V.album on cancerPositive impacts were observed[84]
Efficacy of Iscador on HRQoL in cancer patientsSome evidence of positive effect was found[85]
Retrolective on effectiveness of mistletoe on cancer patientsPositive effects were found; retrolective study design was limited[86]
Documentation of observational studies and clinical trials with IscadorSurvival rates were enhanced; tumor in breast cancer patients who received Iscador was completely or partially remitted[87]