Research Article

Predicting Glycerophosphoinositol Identities in Lipidomic Datasets Using VaLID (Visualization and Phospholipid Identification)—An Online Bioinformatic Search Engine

Figure 4

Automated drawing feature of VaLID 2.0.0. An example of a search button, returning all possible PI and lipids with m/z of 642 (exact mass with a user-defined tolerance of 1 amu), restricted to displaying even carbon chains only, and selecting [M+H]+ ion mode in MS (back panel). The user then selected PI P2(10:4/0:0) and its sn-1/sn-2 chain inversion species and pressed “Display All” button. The window labelled “Possible Lipid Structures Include” displays a table containing the possible structures for this lipid, with the restrictions as laid out in the user manual (inset). These drawings can be easily exported for use in publication figures as described in the user manual.