Table 3: Top three most enriched pathways of genes differentially expressed in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells when exposed to varying doses of 60Co radiation according to KEGG pathway enrichment analysis.

Dose (Gy)KEGG IDPathway value (BH)Gene symbol

0.54610Complement and coagulation cascades 0.0018 PLAU, F2R

11100Metabolic pathways 48 genesa
3013RNA transport RANBP2, EIF1AY, EIF4A2, EIF3E, SUMO3, ELAC2, EIF5, EIF1B, NUP98, EIF3H, TACC3, CLNS1A, and SUMO1
620Pyruvate metabolism 0.0001 ACAT1, MDH1, ACACB, PKM, DLD, HAGHL, and ACACA

2.54010MAPK signaling pathway 1L1R1, ELK4, MDUSP6, PLA2G5, MAP4K4, MAP3K8, MAP4K3, PPM1A, IL1A, and PRKACB
4210Apoptosis 0.0034 1L1R1, 1L1A, PRKACB, and BAX
4640Hematopoietic cell lineage 0.0034 1L1R1, CD44, IL1A, and HLA-DRB5

54120Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis 0.0007 ANAPC1, PARK2, CDC27, PML, SKP1, SAE1, SYVN1, and SOCS3
4650Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity 0.0034 PIK3R3, TNFRSF10, NRAS, PRKCG, IFNAR1, and TNFRSF10
4080Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction 0.0065 HTR7, SSTR5, GABRB2, TAAR9, S1PR2, GHRHR, TAAR5, CCKAR, and VIPR2

The gene identities are given in the Supplementary Material 2 along with the rest of the KEGG pathway enrichment analysis results.