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Combined Cytolytic Effects of a Vaccinia Virus Encoding a Single Chain Trimer of MHC-I with a Tax-Epitope and Tax-Specific CTLs on HTLV-I-Infected Cells in a Rat Model

Figure 2

A Tax-specific CTL line, 4O1/C8, was resistant to killing by m8Δ. The 4O1/C8 (a) or FPM1 (b) cells were exposed to m8Δ (■) or PBS (●) at MOI 2 for 2 hrs. After extensive wash, the cells were cultured for indicated periods and the cell growth was assessed by using cell counting kit 8. The cell viabilities are expressed as percentages of the cell survival of mock-infected cultures. The data are presented as mean ± SD of triplicate wells. Asterisks indicate statistical significance ( ) compared to the mock-infected controls. Similar results were obtained in two independent experiments. (c) The proliferation of VVs in 4O1/C8 (●) or FPM1 (■) cells infected with the virus at MOI 2 was determined by titrating the cell lysates collected at indicated days. The data are presented as mean of duplicate wells.