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Oxidative Stress Induces Endothelial Cell Senescence via Downregulation of Sirt6

Figure 7

Sirt6 deletion induces endothelial cell senescence. ECs were serially transfected with Sirt6 siRNA (Sirt6-si) or Control siRNA (Con-si) for 10 days. (a) Cells were stained for SA- -gal activity using a Senescence Detection kit. Images were taken under a bright-field microscope at a magnification of 100x. Arrows show SA- -gal positive cells (blue cells). The percentage of SA- -gal positive cells versus total cells was determined and quantitative data were shown in the bar graph. (b) Cells were labeled with BrdU followed by staining with DAPI (blue) for nuclei and anti-BrdU antibody (green). Images were taken under fluorescence microscopy at 100x magnification. Arrows show BrdU positive nuclei (green). (c) BrdU positive nuclei (green) and total nuclei (blue) were counted. The percentage of BrdU positive nuclei versus total cell nuclei was calculated and quantitative data were shown in the bar graph. (d) The cell number after siRNA transfection was counted at different times. compared with cells transfected with Con-si.