Table 3: Multivariable analysis of cancer-specific survival on variables with significant effect in univariable analysis.

Variablea valueHR95% CI

T status0.0751.8240.941–3.532
N status0.3530.7990.497–1.283
Treatment modality0.6731.1100.685–1.797
Tumor grade0.4111.4050.624–3.160
EMMPRIN expression0.0343.8941.106–13.709

HR: hazard ratio; CI: confidence interval for HR.
Variables included in multivariable Cox regression analysis using enter method; stage (ordinal variable); T status (ordinal variable); N status (ordinal variable); treatment modality (ordinal variable); tumor grade, G2 + G3 versus G1 (reference category); EMMPRIN expression, positive versus negative (reference category).