Research Article

Glatiramer Acetate and Nanny Proteins Restrict Access of the Multiple Sclerosis Autoantigen Myelin Basic Protein to the 26S Proteasome

Figure 1

(a) Western blotting analysis of the immunoprecipitation of the 26S proteasome complex with bovine MBP using monoclonal anti-MBP or anti-hRpn10 antibodies. (b) PS-341-treated 20S and 26S proteasomes from BALB/c brain homogenate were preincubated with MBP, separated by ultracentrifugation, and analyzed for bound MBP by Western blotting, as indicated. The presence or absence of the 19S regulatory particle verified by Western blotting for β5 proteasome subunit, native PAGE, and LLVY-AMC activity profiles in the presence or absence of SDS and PS-341.