Research Article

Glatiramer Acetate and Nanny Proteins Restrict Access of the Multiple Sclerosis Autoantigen Myelin Basic Protein to the 26S Proteasome

Figure 3

Plots represent the percentage of MBP hydrolysis (opened circles) by 26S proteasome in the presence of the indicated concentrations of actin (a), CaM (b), histone H1.3 (c), and GA (d). The theoretical percentage of uncomplexed MBP (filled circles on panels (a) and (b)) was calculated using previously reported (exp.obs.) values for the MBP-actin and MBP-CaM interactions, respectively. The theoretical percentage of histone H1.3- or GA-bound 26S proteasome (filled circles on panels (c) and (d)) was calculated using an asymptotic approximation of the percentage of MBP hydrolysis, assuming that the bound proteasome cannot degrade MBP (theoretical est.).