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Clinical Study

Clinical Study of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Treated by Helical Tomotherapy in China: 5-Year Outcomes

Table 7

Outcomes of IMRT for NPC in published series.

Author (year)Number of patientsTreatment periodMedian follow-up (m)StageTreatment armsTime point (y)LC (LRFS)RC (NRFS)DMFSOS

Tham et al. (2009) [6]1952002–200537I–IVBRT or CRT393%NR89%94%
Lee et al. (2009) [5]682003–200530I–IVBRT or CRT293%91%85%80%
Su et al. (2012) [9]1982001–200851I–IIBRT598%NR98%97%*
Lai et al. (2011) [10]5122003–200653I–IVBRT or CRT593%97%84%NR
Lin et al. (2010) [7]3702003–200731IIB–IVBRT or CRT395%97%81%89%
Ng et al. (2011) [8]1932005–200730I–IVBRT or CRT295%96%90%92%
Peng et al. (2012) [11]3062003–200842I–IVBRT or CRT590.5%91.7%NR79.6%
Wang et al. (2012) [29]1382006–200923I–IVBRT or CRT394%96%80%83%
This study1902007–201232I–IVBRT or CRT or ART396%98%92%86%

RT: radiation therapy alone; CRT: chemoradiotherapy; ART: radiation therapy concurrent with anti-EGFR Mab therapy; LC: local control; LRFS: local relapse-free survival; RC: regional control; NRFS: nodal relapse-free survival; DMFS: distant metastases-free survival; OS: overall survival; NR: not reported; *disease-specific survival.