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Applying the Maternal Near Miss Approach for the Evaluation of Quality of Obstetric Care: A Worked Example from a Multicenter Surveillance Study

Table 3

Distribution of cases of severe maternal morbidity according to the group of severity, main causes of morbidity, and level of performance of care.

Level of performance of care
(%) (%)

Outcome of 0.4
 PLTC5,543 (90.8)3,102 (89.9)
 MNM494 (8.1)276 (8.0)
 MD66 (1.1)74 (2.1)
Main causes
 Hemorrhage1,438 (23.6)840 (24.3)0.92
 Hypertension4,323 (70.8)2,383 (69.0)0.83
 Infection83 (1.4)17 (0.5)0.04
 Clinical-surgical614 (10.1)409 (11.8)0.5
Maternal health indicators
 MNMR  LB  LB0.89
 MMR  LB  LB<0.001
 SMOR  LB  LB0.13

LB: live births; MD: maternal death; MMR: maternal mortality ratio; MNM: maternal near miss; PLTC: potentially life-threatening condition; SMOR: severe maternal outcome ratio.
&Comparisons: PLTC × (NM + MD): ; (PLTC + NM) × MD: .
value adjusted for cluster effect.