Our paper “Semiphysiological versus Empirical Modelling of the Population Pharmacokinetics of Free and Total Cefazolin during Pregnancy” contains three textual errors we wish to correct. Furthermore we wish to make a textual clarification. The corrections are as follows.

Table 2: the equations in footnotes a and b have been erroneously switched. The correct footnotes should be as follows:Empirical model: .Semiphysiological model: . Figure 1: the units of time in the -axis label are incorrectly labeled as hours. The correct units are minutes; hence the correct -axis label is “Time (min).” Figure 4: the caption of Figure 4 starts incorrectly with “Simulations of typical free and total cefazolin concentration-time ,” while the figure’s -axis labels state “Free cefazolin (mg/L).” The figure actually only depicts free cefazolin. Hence, the caption of Figure 4 should be corrected to “Simulations of typical free cefazolin concentration-time .” Clarification: we would like to make a clarification to the implementation of our model which included free and total cefazolin concentrations. The parameters , , , and were fit based on the free cefazolin concentration. The individual total cefazolin concentrations were then predicted based on the individually predicted free cefazolin concentration together with the estimation of the fraction unbound () (7). Other PK analyses of cefazolin have reported the total cefazolin concentrations. Hence, in order to convert our CL based on unbound cefazolin (CLfree) to CL based on total concentration (CLtotal), multiplication with is necessary: .

These corrections do not influence the results, discussion, or conclusion of this work.