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Review Article

Correlation of CCNA1 Promoter Methylation with Malignant Tumors: A Meta-Analysis Introduction

Table 1

Characteristics of included studies focused on methylation ratio of CCNA1.

First authorYearEthnicityDiseaseSampleNumberGender (M/F)Age (years)MethodNOS score

Longo [29]2014CaucasiansHNSCCTissue9607975/2159 (20~90)qMSP8
Liu [28]2013AsiansCCTissue400400/40MSP6
Weiss [10]2011CaucasiansHNSCCTissue4903163.7 ± 11.8MSP7
Yang [9]2010CaucasiansCCTissue60402046 (38~57) qMSP7
Yanatatsaneejit [20]2008AsiansNPCTissue46020Duplex MSP6
Brait [5] 2008 Caucasians BCa Tissue9302667 (39~83)qMSP8
250566 (34~84)qMSP
Yu [21] 2003AsiansBCaTissue132230107/25MSP8
Kitkumthorn [19]2006AsiansCCTissue302425Duplex MSP6
Tokumaru [12]2004AsiansHNSCCTissue20011MSP6
Yu [21]2003AsiansHCCTissue28028MSP6

M: male; F: female; NOS: Newcastle-Ottawa Scale; HNSCC: head and neck cancer; NSCLC: non-small-cell lung cancer; CC: choriocarcinoma; NPC: nasopharyngeal carcinoma; BCa: bladder cancer; HCC: hepatocellular carcinoma; MSP: methylation specific PCR.