Research Article

In Sync: The Effect of Physiology Feedback on the Match between Heart Rate and Self-Reported Stress

Table 3

Parameter estimates, 95% confidence intervals and significance levels for the different levels of the interactions of feedback type and personality factors on momentary self-reported stress.

Parameter Estimate 95% CI Sig.

Measurement-only * ASI0.05−0.12–0.210.598
HR-feedback * ASI 0.09−0.12–0.290.406
Stress-feedback * ASI 0.250.08–0.420.004*
Measurement-only * neuroticism 0.150.01–0.280.030*
HR-feedback * neuroticism 0.11−0.04–0.250.143
Stress-feedback * neuroticism −0.05−0.25–0.160.649

Dependent variable: momentary stress.
*Significant at .