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Molecular Characterization of a New Alkaline-Tolerant Xylanase from Humicola insolens Y1

Table 2

Property comparison of Xyn11B with family 11 xylanases representatives.

MicroorganismsXylanase nameMW (kDa) pHopt Topt (°C)Residual activity or thermostabilityReferences

Humicola insolens Y1Xyn11B40Stable at 40°CThis study
Humicola insolens Y1Xyn11A60Stable at 50°C[14]
Penicillium sp. CGMCC 1669XYN11F634091.7% after 1 h at 40°C[17]
Aspergillus kawachii XynC50NDa[25]
Penicillium sp. 40XynA50Stable at 30°C[26]
Bispora sp. MEY-1XYL11B6570% after 60 min at 70°C[27]
Penicillium griseofulvum PgXynA50–60Stable at 30°C[28]
Penicillium funiculosum PfXynC50–60Stable at 30°C[28]
Fusarium graminearum XylA3520% activity at 45°C[29]
Fusarium graminearum XylB3534% activity at 45°C[29]

ND: not determined.