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Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Pregnant Women: A Seroprevalence and Case-Control Study in Eastern China

Table 3

Multivariate analysis of selected characteristics of the participants and their association with T. gondii infection.

CharacteristicAdjusted odds ratio95% confidence interval value

Residence area1.551.15–2.180.010
Cats in home3.452.40–4.91<0.001
Dogs in home1.080.87–1.490.48
Contact with cats and dogs3.072.33–4.12<0.001
Consumption of raw vegetables and fruits1.030.81–1.310.64
Consumption of raw/undercooked meat1.130.83–1.530.44
Exposure to soil1.661.18–2.340.004

The variables included were those with a obtained in the bivariate analysis.
Adjusted by age and the rest of characteristics included in this table.